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small uv flatbed printer


Usage: Bill Printer, Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer
Plate Type: Flatbed Printer
Condition: New
Dimensions(L*W*H): 328*230*130
Weight: 8
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Voltage: 220V
Key word: small uv flatbed printer
Curing Length: 300 mm
Wavelength: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm
LED Brand: Nichia, Japan
LED life: >20,000 H
Light intensity: up to 4,000mW/cm2
Controller Color: white, red, blue or black
LED Heads No.: 1-4
Application: printing, UV curing
Customize: offers
Type: Digital Printer
After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available


Constant irradiationirradiation power (0-100%), irradiation time (max. 999.9s)
mode irradiationstep mode (16 steps)
accumulated time displayunit **hour **minute **second
cooling typeair-cooling, head with temperature protection
support module No.1-4
power supply100-240V  AC, 50 Hz
current consumption<30VA
vibration tolerance10-150Hz acceleration 50m/s2, half amplitude 0.35mm, X/Y/Z 8 mins. 10 times
drop impact resistance150m/s*s 6 directions (up/down, right/left, front/back), each 3 times
operation methodinterface button, foot pedal, RS232 port

user manual, key, power supply cable

small uv flatbed printer small uv flatbed printer small uv flatbed printer

Line curing led module specification

No.ModelCuring area (mm)Dimensions (mm)WavelengthCooling























Out standing features

Single wavelength UV light output, no harmful thermal effect.

Adopting high power LED radiation single wavelength light, our products have very high pertinence and efficiency. By eliminating all the light radiation effect, especially the infrared effect, leaving only the main wavelength light, thus greatly decrease the thermal effect towards work piece. It is the ideal curing light for thermal sensitive precision materials and components. Such as ultra-thin resin lens.

Low power consumption and energy saving

The UV LED light power consumption is as low as one of dozens of UV mercury lamp power consumption. Our product could largely decrease annual energy consumption and exhaust emission, thus reduce the environmental load.

Free layout, space saving

Adopting UV LED, the volume is cut down about 90 percent compared to the mercury lamp. Meanwhile the weight is also substantially lightened. There is no need to worry about the install space and its layout.

The irradiation light head could be single or group with one controler, consequently saving the equipment investment.

Customers could choose the number of the irradiation light head according to their needs. One set UV LED line or plane light could replace many traditional mercury lamps. This will not only reduce equipment investment, but also single working mode or linkage working mode could be set according to the working environment.

Constant high intensity light output

In UV LED area, adopting UVATA unique heat dissipation technology, we created high light intensity and long life type of cooling, which make restrain the drifting to the minimum state, realizing stable irradiation.

Long working life reduces operating cost

Compared to mercury lamp, the working life of LED light is greatly prolonged. This is the main advantage of UV LED. Different from the mercury lamp which is lighting all the time, UV LED could be lighting and stop lighting in a second, so its actual life could be longer.

Uniform irradiation in large area

Adopting the unique UVATA optical system, our products could restrain the large area light intensity deviation to minimum state. It could also restrain the deformation during curing, spot drying, and adhesive curing; assisting customers achieve high quality product management.

Why choose us

1.WER has established good reputation and high quality position and it supplies high quality UV lights.
2. Now it has a new UV curing solution that is the UV LED spot, line and plane light.
3.They are the result of our accumulated technology and will reduce environmental load and will be widely applied to UV curing and related industry.
4.As an optoelectronic equipment manufacturer, we also developed UV detector and feedback system to monitor our producing and ensure our quality.