a2 small format uv flatbed printer with 1 pcs dx5 print head

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a2 small format uv flatbed printer with 1 pcs dx5 print head


Usage:Card Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer, glass, plastic, acrylic,KT board, metal etc.
Plate Type:Flatbed Printer
Dimensions(L*W*H):0.9 m* 0.69 m * 1.2 m
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Voltage:110-220V 50-60HZ
Print accuracy:2880DPI*1440DPI
Color:8 colors or 4 color + 4 white
Ink System:220ML * 8-color
Printing size:0.42 m * 0.85 m
Warranty:1 year (except print head)
Print height:15cm
Type:Digital Printer
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Detailed introduction

1. New working-pressure digital display system.

2. For easy operation: no plate-making and repeat adjustment process, easy to operate, easy maintenance.

3. Printing speed: low cost, high speed printing totally applicable industrial batch production.

4. Overcome materials boundaries: printable provisions within the medium thickness, overcome completely arbitrary only use special specifications of the traditional paper.cake zhangand print way, can use a very thin or very thick objects.

5. Height adjustment and batch setting: according to printing objects, using a level adjustment highly mobile vertical injection structure, convenient free to use various raw materials. Easily placed can automatically lift to the appropriate printing height. And can freely set PiLiangHua production automatic inflow time, dispense with repeated computer operation steps.

6. Do not suffer object material influence: can use rich color in raw materials (metals, plastics, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, paper) finished and semi-finished (small parts finishing box, wallets, handbags, trademark, plaque, etc.) soft, hard surfaces on image truecolor graphic printing. Because spurts India with medium surface is when nozzle osculatory sex, won't because of heat and pressure distortion etc. Phenomenon, so can also be easily deformation in soft raw materials (such as leather and textiles) on printing.

7. High-precision perfect printing: use the company produces the special ink, to make the output of graphical effect lifelike, achieve picture quality. Image waterproof, prevent bask in, wear resistance, will never fade.

8. Rough surface and cant print: can overcome the most 7mm raw material thickness deviation, according to the characteristics of the object surface by printing, the concave-convex biggest fall can expand to 7mm, and to be able to present perfect printing effect.

9. A larger capacity of ink box: avoids frequent change and influence efficiency of printing ink, and meanwhile make printing cost is reduced to the minimum.

10. Low cost: compared with the existing printed stamping process, we can save more than 80% of the cost.

11. Personalized print: at the same time very appropriate T-shirt, pillow (sets), shopping bag, apron, gloves, continous stockings, handkerchief, etc. Various kinds of personalized color printing services.

12. Appearance design: overall, simple, the operation is simple, convenient, completely humanized design scientifically. Follow the mainstream adopted whole black visual design. The main button arrangement in the right, therefore look from the front panel appearance is very simple and concise, agile.

Technical Parameters

Print size0.42 m × 0.85 m (can be any length according to customer requirements)
Print Color8 colors (PK; C; M; Y; LK; LC; LM; LLK) or 4 color 4 white
Print height15CM
Print accuracy2880DPI*1440DPI
Print weightDestructive precision weight 100KG
Ink System220ML × 8-color
Droplet sizeMinimum 3.5pl drop
Nozzle configuration180 nozzles / color x 8 colors, the use of smart transform ink droplets
Print speedAbout 2.7 minutes (720dpi * 360dpi / plain paper: quality mode)
About 7.2 minutes (720dpi * 360dpi / coated paper: speed mode)
(A2 size) of about 5.5 minutes (720dpi * 720dpi / coated paper: quality mode)
About 7.9 minutes (1440dpi * 720dpi / Photo mode
Power requirements110-220V 50-60HZ 75W
InterfaceSB2.0/1.1 interface and 100 Base-T Ethernet interface
PlatformWindows95,98,NT,2000,XP,2003 | MAC | Linus
Work environmentTemperature 10-35C, humidity 20-80RH
Equipment size 0.9 m × 0.69 m × 1.2 m

After sales service

1.Professional English speaking engineers are online ready for your troubleshooting service.It is reachable  in an easy way.
2.We guarantee promopt warranty service for parts reairment and replacement by international courier. (DHL,FEDEX, UPS, TNT)
3.We can give quick response for on site oversease service requests and offer 7 days' free training and  inatallation service when customer bear the traveling expense including visa, round trip tickets, boarding.and lodging at service place.