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Digital t shirt & garment dtg printers create direct to garment custom t shirt prints (includes other textile custom prints), which means just what it sounds like a dtg printer operates as a specialized inkjet printer, designed to apply an image to a t shirt, just like your home printer applies one to a piece of paper.

The biggest advantages to using digital t shirt & garment dtg printers to create your custom t shirts are:
Easy Operation – You do need to know a bit about graphics, so you can create a great image, but preparing and printing a t shirt are simple.

Variable Output –You can print one, two or twenty t shirts of one design, put a different name on each, resize the graphics, mean all with no more set up time or cost.

Fast Turnaround Time – This makes your customers HAPPY! If you’re starting with a good graphic, you can go from image to finish a shirt in under 5 minutes.