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digital uv led inkjet flatbed printer price in china


Plate Type:Flatbed Printer
Type:Inkjet Printer
Automatic Grade:Automatic
high printing resolution:1440x1440dpi
high printing speed:43Sq.m/hour for 720X720DPI picture
printhead model:Konica KM512-14PL KM1024MHB
life of printed picture:10 years outdoor 5 years indoor
thickness of printed material:80mm
wide printing size:2.44x1.22m 2.44x1.5m 2.44x1.8m 2.0x3.0m
extensive printed materials:any rigid materials
application areas:advertisement sign decoration exhibition
long printhead life:2 years
double certification:CE UL

First thanks for your inquiring our UV printers.We are professional manufacturer of UV printers in China.Our company was established in 2005 and now our products have been exported to more than 30 countries such as USA,Brazil,Mexico,Chile,UK,Spain,Finland,Portugal.Italy.Czech,Turkey,Russia,Poland,Ukraine,Monglia,India,Philippines,Indonesia etc.Now I’ll give you a specific introduction on the general features and specification of our UV  printer to make you find more profit modes.

10  benefits of our large-fomat UV printer for your Business

1.  Print on a far broader range of substrates. Unlike many other printing processes, UV-curing bonds the ink to almost any surface from hand-made canvas and leather to concrete, wood, metal, plastic,ceramic tiles glass,ceiling,aluminum sheet, acrylic paper ,foam ,PVC ,corrugated cardboard,sticky note, reflective film.

2.  Wider printed material size:Effective printing size:2.44x1.22m,2.44x1.5m,2.44x1.8m,3.0X2.0m,2.5m+unlimited length  Printed material thickness:less than 80mm

3Open the door to a new world of creative possibilities. The versatility of UV printers offers huge creative potential for your business and clients. Use UV printers for indoor, outdoor and backlit signs, rigid paperboard packing ,leather,textile printing ,artware , decoration, art glass, sign industry, exhibition industry, furniture ,POPs, posters, vehicle wraps, building wraps, cabinets, etc.

4.  Say goodbye to pre-treating surfaces,printing plate and coated films or papers. Direct print on printed substrates.Cost of single piece and batch printing is the same,So it’s very suitable for single piece and small-lot production, sample printing and image effects stimulation.

5.  Faster drying time means faster production speeds. Unlike water-based and solvent-based ink,UV curing ink can converted to a polymer immediately under the irradiation of UV light.With our UK Primarc UV lamp,the ink drying time is only 0.2s,which translates into high operating speeds

6.  Print multiple color layers at the same time. UV flatbed printers keep the media stationary and instead the printhead carriager, which holds the print heads, moves over the media. This together with Stagger printhead arrangement allows for multiple layers of high-speed printing simultaneously including white ink or spot varnishes on highlighted areas of the media

7.  Better color saturation on solids and substrates. Advanced color control software and high-performance UV curing ink bring you photo-quality printing effect.

8.  Final printed product has higher resistance to fading, rubbing, moisture and heat. Because the ink has been converted to a polymer and already exposed to maximum levels of UV light it’s wonderfully durable and resistant

9.  Healthier for your workplace and the planet. Unlike solvent-based inks,UV curing inks haven't volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitting into the atmosphere,which creates a more pleasant and safer work environment for your staff.

10.  You’ll even save on your electricity bill. Conventional large-format printers use heat to cure the ink and consume a large amount of power to create this heat,while our UV printers use either mercury/quartz or LED lights for curing, rather than heat.Our high-performance and long-life UV lamp from UK Primarc has the higher level of curing efficiency and at least1000-hour life.The total power of the printer is less than 8KW.

Technical Parameters

Product ModelDocan UV2512/2518/2030/M8/2510
Printhead TechnologyDrop-on demand piezo electric
Printhead controlPrinthead temperature and voltage
are software adjustable
Printhead TypeKonica KM512-14PL(Konica KM1024MHB optional)
Printhead Number4/5/6/7/8/10/12/14/15/16
color TypeCMYK(Lc,Lm,W optional)
Pringting SizeUV2512:2.44X1.22m      UV2030:3.0X2.0m UV2518:2.44X1.8m       UV M8 :2.44X1.5m
UV2510:2.5m+unlimited length
Media Thicknessless than 80mm(UV2510 less than 60mm)
Printing Resolution
&Speed(an array KM512-14pl printhead)
720x720DPI(4pass)    42Sq.m/h         720x1080DPI(6pass)   28Sq.m/h

720x1440DPI(8pass)   22Sq.m/h        1080x1440DPI(12pass) 12Sq.m/h

Life of printed image5 years(outdoor),10year(indoor)
File FormatTIFF,JPEG,Postscript,EPS,PDF
RIP SoftwarePhotoprint 10(Caldra optional)
Power Supply220V 50/60Hz(10%)
Powerless than 8KW
Operation EnviromentTemperature 20 to 30,Humidity 40% to 60%
Equipment DimensionUV2512:4.52(L)X2.05(W)X1.33(H)m     UV2030:4.09(L)X4.17(W)X1.55(H)m
UV2518:4.52(L)X2.46(W)X1.33(H)m      UV M8 :4.63(L)X2.48(W)X1.47(H)m
Equipment WeightUV2512:1050kg   UV2030:1870kg  UV2518:1300kg      UV M8 :1870kg   UV2510:3125kg
Warranty1 year exclude the Print head
After-sale ServiceFree installtion,debugging and training   24-hour on-line realtime technology service

Guarantee and after-sale service

We have one-year warranty for the whole machine exclude the printhead(because you know it has the brand quality guarantee and we also haven’t warranty from Japan Konica company).
For some other main parts such ink pump, air pump,ink filter etc,we’ll present you an additional set,so you can use without problems for at least two years.
We’ll provide free installation,debugging, training and 24-hour realtime online technology support.
Payment terms: 30%T/T IN ADVANCE, 70% AGAINST COPY OF B/L
Shipping terms: within 20 working days after receiving 30% deposit.Shipping Port:Port of Shanghai