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Direct to garment printing machine


Usage:Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer, Garment Printer
Plate Type:Flatbed Printer
Type:Inkjet Printer
Model Number:DS-flat-A3-11
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Printing Technology:Advanced micro piezo printing technology
Ink colors (6 colors):magenta, cyan, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, black
print speed:A4 photo*111s
Max Printing Size:A3+ ( print width:329mm;print length:620mm)
Maxprinting resolution:5760DPI * 1440DPI
Height adjustment:Automation
Temperature Conditions:50-95°F
Warranty:One year
Name:direct to garment printing machine
Print head Protection:Intelligent Self Protect System
After-sales Service Provided:No overseas service provided

Product description

Printing Technology

Advanced micro piezo printing technology,
high resolution, and high speed
Ink colors (6 colors)magenta, cyan, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, black
Printing speedA4 photo*111s


5760 *1440 dpi
Max Printing SizeA3+ ( print width:329mm;print length:620mm)
Height adjustment


Temperature Conditions50-95°F
Net /Gross weightAbout 60kg / 90kg
WarrantyOne year

packing size

About 870mm*670mm*630mm

About 1000mm*760mm*720mm


Power consumption



Print head ProtectionIntelligent Self Protect System
Operation SystemWindows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP / XP x64 / Vista*4MacOS X10.2.8 or later
(PPC & Intel CPU)
AccessoriesUSB line, software driven, power lines, product manuals,
cleaning and ink adding tools
direct to garment printing machine
The application of print materials
Plastics (ABS, PC, PE, PP, PU, PVC, etc.), acrylic, metal, wood, leather, textile fabrics, glass, crystal, paper, ceramic / porcelain etc.

Applies to print product
U disk, MP3/MP4, mobile hard disk, mobile phones, laptop computers, CD-ROM, gifts, toys, stationery, furniture, porcelain etc.

direct to garment printing machine

Application sectors
Personalized Print: boutiques, such as, mobile phone decoration shop, personalized gift shop
crystal products: tourist attractions of the urban street scene or the production of
Product sampling: Sample a variety of traditional printing
Studio: such as digital video production
apparel industry: the sample design proofing or personalized color printing
leather products: leather goods of high-end color printing
Electronic Products: If card U disk, laptop case, MP3/MP4 appearance and color printing
Packaging: color printing personalized appearance
sign production: the production of a variety of signs
decoration industries: the ceiling tiles or color printing
toy industry

How is the cake is printed

1) open the picture you need to print  in computer

2) place the cake you need to print on the platform of the printer. The printer accept cake thickness less than 18cm(can be made into 25cm if you need)

3) print the picture on the cake

4) finish

Relevant description

computer t-shirt print machine

The maintenance of the universal printer

1, pay attention to dust
A, universal printer placed, it is best to be placed in a humidity of 70%, temperature of about 25 °C clean space, and to avoid the wind blow directly on the printer.
B, usually regardless of whether to use the printer, be sure to activities cover cover to prevent dust from entering the nozzle affect the printing.
C, shut down with a wet towel to cover Mexican trucks above, increase the humidity, effectively prevent the ink dried on at the nozzle.
D, to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity, frequent use of the device.


2, to keep clean
A, timing cleaning machine looks (once a week is better), to develop the good habit of regularly cleaning the printer, allows the printer to maintain a good working condition. Outside of the printer with a soft, wet cloth to wipe the cleaning liquid water and the like must be neutral substance.
B, the timing with industrial alcohol cleaning grating encoder disk (about one to three days time), to open the movable lid, carefully clean the dust inside the printer, remove stain on the print board, is particularly important that the attention band grating of Health. If the grating belt the ink like dirt, wipe with alcohol.


3, the periodic inspection

A, regularly check ink car moves smoothly, regular oil (car oil)
B, Every day finished using the machine check: Make sure shutdown nozzle back to the initial position


4, to avoid pressure set
A, Do not place foreign objects on the printer, it may affect the heat to avoid foreign body inside the casing, to avoid spill liquid on the inside of the printer. Do not the printer is printing, reached into the inside of the printer or touch the moving parts of the printer and applicator, otherwise it will damage and printer device.
B, 1 can not beat printing plate; 2 Do not print the board to place non-printing objects; 3. Placed in the print panel object not more than 20KG; 4 Print the bottom of the board do not put anything, so as not to affect the rise and fall of the printing plate .


5, cleaning and maintenance of the unit
A, every other week with alcohol or cleaning liquid. Methods: Cleaning unit sponge Department and alcohol or cleaning fluid, pumping the waste ink tube back and forth back and forth, pumping to clean; peripheral dirt cleaned every day.


Flatbed printer failure
Flatbed printer low price, high print quality, so it is more than the company or family. In the process we use flatbed printer, you may encounter this failure, resulting in poorly printed or even can not be printed as ordinary users do not understand flatbed printer fault exclusion, the print job can not be normal. Here to introduce some of the common faults of the flatbed printer causes and remedy, and hope that we can better use and maintenance of the flatbed printer helpful.


In general, the maintenance of the flatbed printer should follow the principle from simple to complex. First check the obvious failure phenomenon, such as print, writing is bleak, does not print, paper jam, inkjet, print out the the chaos characters, the machine does not work, etc., to determine the fault according to the fault phenomenon rough parts, such as print handwriting dim , not inkjet, mostly due to damage to the ink jet pipe or nozzle. Flatbed printer common cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting list:


(1) The printer is turned on without any reaction poor power supply, power cord is not firmly connected. Turn off the printer, check the power supply is normal, check the voltage output switching power supply, reconnect the power cable, make sure the plug is seated firmly.

Printer power circuit damage. Should focus on checking the switch in the power supply circuit, thick film power block, zener diodes, three-terminal regulator is damaged. Under normal circumstances, the damage to the switching tube is more common.


(2) after the print command is issued, the printer does not have any response or indicator light flashes, but does not print. The data cable is not firmly connected or open circuit. Re-connect the data cable, ensure that the interface plug is securely placed, and check the word cart ribbon cable is connected properly, try to replace the data line failure can not be ruled out.

The cumulative amount of waste ink counter reaches the upper limit. Flatbed printers generally have the waste ink pads, used to absorb the the discharged waste ink in the print head cleaning. Printer cleaning the ink consumption is controlled by the motherboard, the counter will be consumed each cleaning the printhead ink (that is, waste ink) the amount of superposition. When the cumulative amount of waste ink counter reaches a predetermined upper limit, the printer will stop working to prevent the waste ink pad to suck ink ink dripped onto the inside of the printer. The solution is to replace it with a new waste ink pad, and waste ink counter is cleared.


Print the document excessive capacity of the printer's memory. Flatbed printer is not very suitable for continuous long time operation, the proposed sub-Print For too many pages of documentation. For page description too complex documents, should be appropriate to reduce the print resolution and print speed, do not exceed the limit of the printer memory.

Print port is set properly. In the [Printer Properties] settings panel, the data to the printer interface settings. LPTl printer port, click below the [Port Settings] button, the current print port is set correctly.


The word car is locked or the print head was unable to mobilize foreign body stuck. Some printers offer the carriage locking device, if the last shutdown word car does not return to its initial position when the power is off, then on again when the word car locking device can not automatically release, resulting in the word car can not move, so before you use the printer must first unlock Settings. Printer's front cover can be freely opened, will inevitably fall into the foreign body and hinder the movement of the print head. Therefore, after the print command is issued, to observe the printer's sound is normal.


The carriage drive motor or other hardware failure of the control circuit appears. Check the carriage drive motor and mechanical transmission failure, as well as the engagement of the transmission gear belt, slide the carriage meet is good. Try hand to promote the word car, to ensure that the word car, uh, can slide freely.


(3) Power the word car back and forth without regular exercise, randomly hit the mechanical framework. CR Guide attached too much dirt, resulting in poor rail lubrication. CR Guide on oil and dust, scraps of paper mixed formation of grease, long-term accumulated causes the print head are in the process of moving more and more resistance, the word car not functioning properly, causing the print head crash. Can use moistened with a soft cloth to wipe clean rail anhydrous alcohol, the alcohol evaporates and then dropping a few drops of oil, failure can be ruled out.


Printer on hold too long, too dry mechanical moving parts. Flatbed printer is not to be used for a long time, nozzle or the carriage and rails are easy to over-dry and adverse reactions. Must ensure the normal operation of the nozzle liquid circulation mechanism, the word car, good lubrication of the rail is the premise of high-quality printing. Recommended from time to time boot automatically clean a printer and lubricant in the mechanical transmission parts.

Photoelectric sensor is dirty or damaged. Printer fonts for car parking position a photoelectric sensor, it is an important component of print trolley reset signal to the main board of the printer. This component if too much dust or damage, the word car hit the framework can not find the return signal, and unusable, this failure is generally a need to use a cotton ball moistened with a small amount of anhydrous clear wine or soft cloth to clean sensor, Sensor will have to replace if it can not be ruled out.


The last shutdown operation. Before the shutdown of the flatbed printer, the print head must return to the initial position, otherwise the print head is not positioned correctly, the mechanical drive system does not start properly.

The drive motor is faulty. Bad print head drive motor will cause the print head movement disorders, can be used multimeter test drive motor resistance of the leads in order to determine whether the motor is short-circuit fault.


How to solve Flatbed printer failure
Flatbed printer to print out the ink scarce
Sometimes when flatbed printer to print out we see illegible, which is due to the inkjet printer long-term use or nozzle clogging, the universal printer ink delivery create an obstacle.

Troubleshooting methods: perform randomly software brought the printer cleaning procedures to clean.

After replacing the new universal printer cartridges ink to make "light is still on

Ink to make "indicator lights up when the inside of the cartridge runs out of ink, this time when replacement cartridges, replacement cartridges, inkjet printer on the panel ink to make" indicator light, how to solve it? this failure may be caused by two situations, one ink cartridge is not installed; another is in the off state, self-scored the old cartridge, replace the new cartridge. This is because the new replacement ink cartridges in the printer ink charging the ink delivery system shutdown, this step can not be. In addition, part of the ink-jet printer ink capacity measurement using the internal electronic counter measure, when the counter reaches a certain value, the inkjet printer to automatically determine the ink runs out. Replacement cartridge, to the inside of the printer's electronic counter reset, so that the printer to confirm the installation of a new cartridge.

The Troubleshooting Method: replacement flatbed printer cartridges, we must first open the power of the flatbed printer, so the printer print head automatically moves to the ink cartridge replacement position. Then installed printer cartridges, the printer will automatically charge the ink, this process is complete, the fault will eliminate.

Flatbed printer nozzle clogging

Flatbed printer inkjet clogging our two cases, one is a hard failure, the other is soft failures.

Generally encountered by the soft failures this case, we will use random cleaning process several times to clean the printer can be restored to normal, but this is a waste of ink. In order to save ink, we can buy some well-known brand of printer cleaning kit, cleaning nozzle, users only need to according to the manufacturer's instructions.

When encountered a hard failure, mostly because the printer head chemocoagulation or plug caused by impurities, random cleaning procedures can not be solved, we must use artificial means to deal with.