large format 1.8m vinyl dx5 print head eco solvent printer

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large format 1.8m vinyl dx5 print head eco solvent printer


Usage:Paper Printer, High Glossy Photo Paper, PP, Film, Backlit, Front-lit, Canvas, etc.
Plate Type:roll to roll
Type:Inkjet Printer
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Warranty:1 Year
Print Dimension:1.8m
Ink Type:Eco solvnet
Print head:Dx5 Printhead
Width of Media:1.8m
Rip Software:Maintop,Photoprint(optional)
Max Printing Width:1750mm
Feed Paper Method:Multi-press feed paper
Color Mode:Dual CMYK
Ink Supply Method:Block brake type
Key Words:dx5 print head eco solvent printer

Product details

Product details

Type of PrintheadsDX5 printhead
Quantity of Printheads2 Head
InkECO Ink / Water Ink
Color ModeDual CMYK
Print Head Height1.5mm / 2.5mm (Adjustable)
Ink Supply MethodBlock brake type
Feed Paper MethodMulti-press feed paper

Usable Materials


Coat paper, acid-proof paper, high glossy photo paper, PP synthetic paper, vinyl sheet, film
Rip SoftwareMaintop,Photoprint(optional)
Max Material Width1800mm
Max Printing Margin5mm



Printing Resolution and Speeds





Resolution(DPI) Speed
540*7206 pass       28m^2/h



4 pass          35.5m^2/h
8 pass          15.5m^2/h
1440*7208 pass          15.5m^2/h
1440*144016 pass         7m^2/h
Roll Outer Diameter2 in / 3 in
Maximum Weight for Roll Material20kg
Printing LanguageStandard printer languages
PowerAC100-120V / AC220-240V Adaptive, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz

Power Comsumtion


Printing Mode         100W
Standby Mode         40W
Acoustic Noise≤52dB
EnvironmentTemperature: 20 - 32℃; Humidity: 40% - 60%(Non-Condensing)
Machine DimensionL2860mm*W820mm*1430mm
Packing DimensionL2730mm*W710mm*730mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight200kg/320kg

Why Choose Us

1.High resolution DX5 print head with 24.5mm width and 8 lines nozzles;
2.Variable dot print, new eclosion technology, automatic cleaning system;
3.Sperate flash component, Three-phrase heating separately,embedded temperature controlling.
4.We are manufacture in Shanghai, welcome to visit us.

Product display

Product display

Product application


1. A single nozzles can not be made out of ink?
Replacing the nozzle, replacing the sprinkler data line or the nozzle switch board, inserting the data line of the nozzle, repairing the ink supply system, and replacing the main plate

2, all the spray head is not out of ink?
Repair the power, replace the head card, replace the main board, reinstall or replace the decoder, reinsert or replace the fiber line

3. Broken line?
Improve the temperature of the environment, adjust the voltage of the nozzle, clean the nozzle with the cleaning liquid and replace the ink

4. Unable to discharge material?
Replacement of photoelectric switch, replacement of discharge motor or rewiring

5. Middle wrinkle when walking?
Re feed, adjust the parallelism of the feed wheel and the feed wheel shaft, and adjust the pressure of the press wheel

6. No moving head or software part function can't be used?
Replacement of main board, rewiring, reconnection or replacement of drive, replacement of motor or rewiring

7. Stop spray?
Replace the decoder and grating, adjust the position of the decoder to the middle of the decoding bar, replace the motor, or change the material to the small volume

8. Inability to provide ink?
Replace the cartridge inductor, replace or reconnect, replace the main board, replace the ink pump, and replace the filter

9. For ink supply?
Replacement of the main board and rewiring

10. The print test bar and the diagram are not normal?
Change the grating or decoder, reconnect the fiber line, replace the driver, and replace the main board.