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ceramic acrylic wood craft glass 2513 uv flatbed printer


Usage:Bill Printer, Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer, Most flatbed
Plate Type:Flatbed Printer
Model Number:DLI-1612/2513/2030
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Product name:UV format Flatbed Printer
Print head:Ricoh Gen5
Print speed:3 modes available
Printing precision:720*900DPI/720*1200DPI/720*1800DPI
Printing size:2500*1300mm
Printing height:0-400mm(customize accepted)
Print head quantity:3/4/5/6/7/8/12 and can be customized
Lifting function:intelligent ink vehicle lifting
Ink system:Continuous ink supply/ Volume:2000ml
Data Interface:High speed USB transfer interface
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Product Description

Model No.DLI-3020DLI-2513DLI-1612
Max. print size3000*2000mm2500*1300mm1600*1200mm
Equipment Net weight1100kg850kg650kg
Print headRicoh Gen5 industrial print head
Print colorCMYK+white; Double CMYK+LC+LM+LY+LK; and multiple color combination customize
Print heightUp to 100mm(can customize)
Media weightUp to 100kg/m²
Print precision720*900DPI/72*1200DPI/720*1800DPI
Lifting functionIntelligent ink vehicle lifting, electronic-automatic/manual intelligent induction to best&adjust height
Ink volumeContinous ink supply/max capacity 3500ml
Print head quantity2/3/4/5/82/3/4/52/3/4/5
Print speed8 print heads, up to 75m²/hHigh speed mode(4pass)26m²/h

Standard mode(6pass)18m²/h

High precision mode(8pass):12m²/h

High speed mode(4pass):24m²/h

Standard mode(6pass):16m²/h

High precision mode(8pass):10m²/h

UV LED printer printable material

Equipment details


DLICAN advantageDescription
High precision, high strength X beam 

Dlican The crossbeam is made of high quality and durable steel. After annealing treatment, it is guaranteed not to deform within 3 years, and  the deformation can be controlled within 5 years. That is,the service life of the equipment can be extended.



The guide rail mounting surface through once rough milling and twice fine milling.Ensure the guide mounting accuracy is controlled at 0.03mm.Ultra-high running accuracy ensures that the printing effect is perfect.And the printing precision is guaranteed within 5 years.


All steel frame 

The whole steel structure. After annealing treatment, weight reach to 1,250 kg.  The structure is stable and not deformed.



The side face Y guide rail installation error is less than 0.02mm, and the parallelism control the stepping error.



vacuum system support adjustment points up to 39.


Guide screw and rail 

Imported guide screw and rail with high straightness.


Imported servo motor 

Y-axis double guide screw and dual servo drive design. Our system with synchronous error correction function to make sure the steps are accurate.



Adopt FUJI servo motor in Japan


Baseplate of Machine head 

Base plate through black treatment, reduce uv fiber refraction, protect the nozzle.



The nozzle holder increases the horizontal and vertical adjustment device, which is convenient for the customer correction color, and keeps the printing accuracy.


Multi-channel press ink system 

Each color independent press ink control, saving ink 15 %.



No need to close other secondary ink cartridges to save time.


Vacuum platform 

The base of the platform adopts the 12 - way suction hole.The negative pressure area of the suction hole is more uniform.



45mm thickness Aluminium vacumm platform


Imported Germany Igus soft drag chain 

Internal partition to prevent wire rope from intertwining and crushing.



The towing chain is fixed to prevent the cable from breaking.


Vortex fan overload protection 

Add noise cancelling system, reduce the machine running noise.



Install negative pressure overload protection device.


Meanwell Power supply with  filtration equipment 

High performance Meanwell power supply



The wire was added filtration equipment


Ink route negative pressure system 

High precision negative pressure display, 0.1kpa adjustment accuracy.



White ink and color ink negative pressure control.


8-channel ink display and white ink stirring custom control. 

Using multi - segment level sensor, 8 - way ink independant volume display



White ink custom stirring time and stop time work with all kinds of ink


 LED light 

Adopt spotlight LED light source. Small light refracts, it will not affect the life of print head.


Secondary ink Thermostatic heating system to solve  ink flow in various low temperature conditions. 

The bottom of secondary ink box is aluminium frame, heating uniformity.



Fully automatic temperature control system, precise control temperature, ensure that ink reaches the best viscosity and performance before entering the nozzle.


Automatic height measurement system. 

When printing hard material, accurately measure the distance between the base plate and the printing medium, and ensure the best printing effect.


Imported color management software 

1.Germany ColorGate :The smoothness degree of printing is best



2· PohtoPrint:With the unique setting of control system, the embossing effect is the best.


Car collision avoidance system. 

1.Installed collision avoidance system at the both sides.



2.Bottom anti-friction system.


Print head (Imported Japan Ricoh Gen 5)High quality professional industrial print nozzle

Our Services

Warranty: 12 months. When the warranty expired, technician support is still offered. Hence we offer lifelong after-sale service.

Print service: We can offer you free samples and free sample printing

Training service: We offer 3-5 days free training with free accommodations in our factory, including how to use the software, how to operate the machine, how to keep daily maintenance, and useful printing technologies, etc.

Installation service: On-line support for installation and operation. You can discuss operation and maintenance with our technician online support service by Skype, Wechat etc.Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Meanwhile, engineers intall at overseas available.